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Misty Fans

Technology is an ever changing evolution. Initially there were table fans that were upgraded to standing fans, which later evolved to ceiling fans and now the latest and the best fan of all is the “MISTY FANS”!

A brief introduction

Misting fans enhance the evaporation in the room. There are essentially more useful outdoors where using an air conditioner may not be possible. They are an economical way that can be used to cool both large and small areas/ indoors and outdoors as well.

They may place placed on a pedestal or hung from a ceiling or directly mounted to the operators machine. They have different oscillating features that can be adjusted according to individual needs and preferences. Not only do they provide breezy atmosphere, they also have an LED light that looks stylish and goes well with any indoor/ outdoor setting. They may be placed inside the house or in a garden party. They blend perfectly wherever placed!


There are 3 major types of misty fans:

  • Celio Ceiling Misty Fan
    • They provide air below the ceiling in 360°
    • They can be used in half closed areas
    • As they are high above the ground, the floor does not get moist
    • Keeps mosquitos at bay
    • Looks glamorous and classy
  • Atmosfera Max mist fan
    • These are high pressure misty fans
    • Can be customized at the sides to company’s logo
    • The air is blown in all directions
    • Perfect Outdoor Centerpiece
    • Looks sophisticated and sleek
  • Aurora Slim misting fan
    • They blend well in gardens, pools and patios
    • They are waterproof and also act a small table
    • Removes any unpleasant odors
    • Sturdy to perform consistently in outdoor locations
    • A majestic addition to your garden

Patio heaters

Patio heaters have become very famous these days because with the support of these amazing heaters you can truly keep your patio area very hot. If you have a patio just outside your home then you can surely use it for organizing various different birthday parties for your friends and family members. You can also use the patio place for spending some time alone with your dear and near ones. These days you will see that various different kinds of patio heaters are being launched in the market with the support of which you can make a best ambiance inside your patio.

Types of Patio heaters

There are numerous different kinds of patio heaters available in the market from which you can simply purchase the one that is most perfect for you. You will see that these warmers are outdoor heaters which are often used for producing heat for the outdoor use. These heaters largely come in the mushroom shape or umbrella shape design and it can truly be installed extremely simply. You will also obtain infrared radiation patio warmers in the market that are very different from the general heaters.

Great Utility

Patio heaters are very useful and these days they are being used by various restaurants and open bars. The customers who come to these bars and restaurants can truly enjoy some quality time together with their friends and family. These heaters have an amazing utility but there are various environment problems related to the heaters. These heaters can truly give all the heat that you need.

Different products available in the market

There are various different types of patio warmers available in the market which you can buy according to your requirements and needs. If you want you can also take the support of your domestic home improvement shop or the internet. There are various sites operating on the internet that can truly provide you all the amazing information about the size, shape and design of patio heaters that you can buy from the market. I advise you to contact http://cooling.ae before making any order.

Working of the Patio Heaters

The working of these heaters is very different from the working of the general heaters. They are designed in such a way that can truly bring temperature down in the Icy October months but they are not perfect for hot winters. They have a little quantity of latent heat which is used for heating the surrounding area.

Patio heaters

Have you seen the new type of heaters, especially restaurants, wedding halls and places where a party has happened under the sky in winter? Those heaters are called patio heaters. Patio heaters are not more limited to the restaurant halls or a big public places, now they are available in the market to purchase for your house. Whether you place them in your garden, near the pool or in your living room, patio heaters works perfectly from a big place in a small room, but mostly patio heaters are specially designed for outdoor purpose because it can warm a big place very quickly as compare to any other type of heaters.

People like to enjoy sitting on deck, pool side and garden but due to very cool in winter, it is not very comfortable, but no need to be worried about any more, because patio heaters can solve your problem by providing you warm environment in winter to provide you comfort and warmth to enjoy your outdoor entertainment, whether it’s a BBQ party or family gathering.


Electrical Patio Heaters VS Gas Patio Heaters:

If you visit to purchase patio heaters, you will see many different types of patio heaters. No, I am not talking about the size, color, style and heating capacity, I am talking about electrical patio heaters and gas patio heaters. For a person, it could be difficult to purchase patio heaters who has never purchased an electrical patio heater or gas patio heaters before. So, here is my quick guide, how to purchase patio heaters and what type of patio heaters would be best for you; an electrical patio heater or a patio heater.

Before you decided to purchase patio heaters, you must decide the place where you are going to use patio heaters most. The majority of people use patio heaters at their deck, roof, garden and sometime near the pool. Deciding place, where you are going to use heater most will help you to decide whether to purchase a gas patio heater or a patio heater. Once you have decided the place, look for two things; is electricity switch available to on electrical patio heater? Or do you have a gas pipeline? If there is no gas pipeline, the you should purchase an electric patio heater because investing on gas pipeline will cost you more, same like that you will purchase an electrical patio heater if your deck does not have electricity facility but gas pipeline.

The other thing which can help you to decide whether to purchase a gas patio heater or electrical patio heater is your gas and electricity bill. Just take a historical reading of your gas and electricity bill to decide that which cost you more. Generally it costs less to use gas patio heaters because electricity rates are high as compare to gas while it’s also depend on the country where are you living, because in some countries, electricity is cheap as compare to a gas.

Patio heaters

A patio heater adds comfort and warmth to your surroundings. It is essentially an extension of your style. For all those barbecue, pool parties and various events outside where the weather is too chilly to enjoy, patio heaters are just the answer. Not only do they provide a warm environment, they also make excellent centerpiece and blend with your surroundings!

Top 5 reasons on why Patio Heaters are a must have in every household

Safety First: They are sturdy heaters and thus withstand in strong breeze. You may choose a model that automatically shuts off when the temperature is too hot

No Noisy Heating: This is one of the best feature! They are not noisy and hence your guests can have long happy conversations at the party without being interrupted

Aesthetic Centerpieces: Thanks to their classy sleek design, they make amazing centerpieces that ooze of style and glamor in your house and parties

No Hot Air: Unlike a fireplace, it does not emit any smoke or hot air. Also, a fireplace needs to be checked at intervals to keep the fire going. You need not fret over these simple things with a patio heater!

Easy to Use: They are easy to use! All you need to do is press a switch and set the temperature and you are all set for your party. You need not worry over it the rest of night.

Maintenance: It is easy to maintain. There is no big hassle when it comes to cleaning the heater. It is fairly simple.

Evaporative coolers: Your New Tool To Beat The Heat

Summer has arrived and still in a fix as what would come to your rescue? Choose evaporative coolers and it would fit best in your home and with your budget. Evaporative coolers are now extensively used since it is observed as the best economical, eco-friendly, cooling device which takes after your comfort. These coolers come in wide ranges and would never bother your pocket much.


Let’s know how it works.

Evaporative Coolers and its function are pretty simple and anyone can easily understand. These make use of an air blower, evaporative pads, recirculating water pump and a ball float valve. This type of cooling can be considered as an injection water vapor which takes heat from the surrounding, this heat is called as the sensible heat and is slowly changed into latent heat at constant enthalpy. This cooling causes a considerable temperature drop and brings comfort. These Evaporative coolers prove real feasible since they take only a fraction of energy as compared to the air conditioning systems and are completely eco-friendly.

Misting Fans

Misting fans are often employed for outdoor cooling and acts as a humidifier. Misting fans principle is quite similar to evaporative coolers in regard to optimizing the room temperature. These fans are often found in arid conditions where they serve the purpose well. This basically comprises electric powered or a battery powered fan in conjunction with water spray pump. Here, the working is quite similar to evaporative coolers and thus these are often misunderstood as coolers. Nowadays, the use of misting fans in arid regions and comparatively drier areas, have exponentially increased and favored.

Cut down your electricity bill.

We are often burdened with high electricity bills that have gradually made a hole in our pocket. Today, we try to cut down on every expense and look for energy efficient appliances, which help us to cope up the high burden of the electricity bills that, keep increasing each month, we need to switch to energy efficient methods even. Evaporative coolers take only a fraction of the energy as compared to the air conditioning system that one may have at home. At the cost of running of one A.C., one can run 10 evaporative coolers which seem a good option to switch. Moreover, they even cater for your outdoor cooling which even your portable air conditioner would fail to do. High bills? It’s time to get home an evaporative cooler.

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portacool jetstream

Variable fan speeds make it possible for you to choose your ideal comfort level. We’ve got tiller steering which appears to us to be the intelligent way to go for a sailboat of this size. Ours has a massive mirror over the sink. There’s a louvered cabinet below the sink and drawers below the stove. There’s always a hatch board that may be used too. Although these pads have a very long life, good maintenance is still required. This pack can suit your requirements.

The cooler is extremely economical, especially if used in dry climates because in these sorts of areas, it’s more economical than traditional cooling approaches. This cooler is not hard to move, but nevertheless, it would be simpler if two people could move it together. Portacool coolers have an assortment of accessories accessible to protect and even improve your investment. Furthermore, the coolers don’t use any sort of harsh chemicals that will hurt the surroundings. Since these coolers utilize an evaporative cooling technology, they are far less costly than traditional techniques of cooling. This portable evaporative cooler can diminish the temperature by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Football fans obtain their fill of gridiron action every year.

You will finally have cool clients, guests or clients on account of the whole 360 coverage of the Portacool Islander Air Cooler units. On account of the very simple technology employed in the unit, this Port-A-Cool product is comparatively maintenance-free. In reality, the business is a worldwide leader in the business. Whether you possess your own company or simply do the job on cars as an avocation, the unit would work nicely in either scenario. It is quite critical to guard your new investment to make certain that it continues to function as it’s meant to. I am able to see the worth of end-boom sheeting however when seeking to receive the best sail form. It is ordinarily more cost effective to get the unit instead of pay rental fees for lengthy periods of time.

You don’t need to be worried about getting wet, Portacool Cyclone isn’t a mister. Portable Cooling Solutions Australia can offer customised solutions through our extensive expertise in the industrial air-conditioning industry. There’s an approximate 2% to five% boost in humidity based on the temperature and humidity of the region you are in. Workers and delivery drivers require a cool region to load and unload, and of course the merchandise you have invested in.

Any way you’re able to cast your line, it is a sport the entire family can enjoy. There are in fact two alternatives which can be utilized with these units. We are pleased to help you with your questions. It’s also leak proof and rust-resistant, and therefore you don’t need to be concerned about leaving it outside during inclement weather.